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Our Church Planting Journey: Volume 6

02 June, 2020

The summer is off to a great start! Even though it is definitely different this year, we have taken advantage of our state opening up some. We've made some more connections by meeting more neighbors, talking and working with local pastors on the same mission, and really trying to get involved in the community. Our parks have opened back up so we've…

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Our Church Planting Journey: Volume 5

17 May, 2020

Update... The last couple of months have been so different than we had expected them to be. Even in the midst of different, we have found an overwhelming peace with where God has us and what He is doing. We have clung to our faith and the things we could control and we prayed and let go and let God work in the ways we couldn’t. In April we…

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Our Church Planting Journey: Volume 4

01 March, 2020

March has come and gone and everyone is learning a new way of life and staying safe at home when possible due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus. We've chose to use this time to strengthen our relationships with Christ through more time in His Word and in prayer and clinging to the positives of our world being put "on hold". With that, we…

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Our Church Planting Journey: Volume 3

01 February, 2020

Update... February has come and gone and it seems like it really flew. We are finally starting to feel like Ohio is home even though we miss our friends and family tremendously. We realize more than ever the importance of having a group of people that we do life with daily. Speaking of that, we are excited that on March 23rd we will start our first…

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Our Church Planting Journey: Volume 2

23 December, 2019

With Christmas, living in transitional housing, and moving we decided to combine our December and January Newsletter into one. Well we are officially Ohioans (if that's how you say it). We arrived here December 28th and spent the next week unpacking and settling in. We attended our first church service since moving here the next Sunday at Grace…

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Our Church Planting Journey: Volume 1

02 November, 2019

This is our first official monthly newsletter for our family ministry. Thank you so much for letting us know that you want to be on the mailing list to stay up-to-date with what God is doing through our ministry. For those who don't know we have officially sold our home here in Tahlequah, OK and are currently staying in the parsonage by CVBC, our…

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